by NOMOS Architects

Tasso consists of the creation of a building with 8 apartments in Lisbon, Portugal, conducted by NOMOS.

NOMOS is an association of architects with offices in Geneva, Lisbon, and Madrid.

Located in the center of Lisbon, this new red brick building stands across from a 12-story austere office building.

The main façade is thickened to create a threshold between the street and the eight apartments allowing a smooth transition from the domestic to the rough urban environment.

These thresholds shape the apartments’ sensory experience, graduating the intimacy of the spaces they protect from the outside in.

The folding windows are designed to offer an extra space for people and plants in the window frame.

The bathrooms and kitchens are located in the centre, creating a continuous circulation around them. With this layout, the rooms can be used and perceived from end to end.

The red bricks are placed back to front, to create a rough textured façade, which distinguishes it from the sleek adjacent buildings.

The transition between urban and the individual spaces is emphasised by the use of white enamelled bricks in the jambs and lintels of the openings.

This smooth, light-reflecting finish announces domestic life inside the dwellings.

Author Nomos
Team Lucas Camponovo, Katrien Vertenten, Massimo Bianco, Fausto Briosa, Verónica Pires, Gabriela Pratas, Jorge Paquete
Year 2020
Surface 1500 sqm
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Photography Ricardo Loureiro

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