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Architecture for London is an award-winning collective of 16 architects, dedicated to the creation of sustainable buildings and places. They are constantly looking for solutions to the critical questions facing the city today: how can we build net-zero carbon housing in London, what makes our workplaces fit for the 21st century, and how should we reinvigorate our public spaces so that they engage and excite?

Gathering a diverse team

Architecture for London was founded in 2009 and has since grown to a team of 16. We are dedicated to the creation of sustainable buildings and places. The studio is the product of the diverse talents of our team: in addition to our architects, we have specialist skills in fabrication, furniture, landscape and Passivhaus design. We also have a structural engineer and a talented photographer & visualiser.


Navigating the complexities of London

Our studio has a four-team structure. This allows each project to be run by a focused and energetic group, yet simultaneously benefit from the skills and experience of the wider office. Together we understand the complexities of projects in London: we relish the challenge of working with constrained sites, complex stakeholder groups, and heritage buildings.


The architect’s role

Popular architectural discourse talks of the diminished role of architects in the construction industry. Most major developments take substantial investment capital and are understandably driven by potential profits. Although our value is substantial in increasing profits by means of design, the architect’s role is harder to quantify on a spreadsheet. However, on domestic projects, the architect is still the core of the design team, negotiating between the client and the other consultants. The architect has an overview of the project, from social considerations, resolving technical issues, including sustainability and energy use, and staying within budget and on programme.


Managing impact

Our existing housing stock presents a significant issue in achieving the UK’s net-zero carbon target by 2050, which aims to limit global heating to 1.5 degrees. The buildings we refurbish now are not likely to be refurbished again before 2050, so they must achieve net-zero standards now. Each project that we work on is therefore critical. Whilst many of our projects are for individual homes, we are keen to collaborate and share our knowledge with other practices working on larger retrofit schemes - to multiply the impact that we are able to have.




ARF2981Images courtesy of Architecture for London

Architecture for London Architects London Higbury House 1 credit Jim Stephenson Theo JonesImage credit Jim Stephenson

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