Urban Cabin
by Francesca Perani

Situated at the centre of the town of Albino in Valle Seriana, this micro-apartment was designed by Francesca Perani for a local couple.

of just 25 sq.m.

A family of Persian-Italian origin.

It consists of the complete restoration of an open porch, once used as a storage area, contiguous to a private garden.

The restored building represents an extension of a modern villa built in 1968 by Architect Armen Manoukian and renovated by Francesca Perani in 2008.

With the intent of extending seasonal uses and allowing new ones, the cabin was conceived to give a sense of quietness and intimacy at one with the surrounding nature, as well as to provide privacy from the high-density urban location.

A minimal and multifunctional lodge set at ground level, which summarises functionality and stylistic resourcefulness of a living space; a roof garden as an extra outdoor area.

With this new intervention, the external shape has been kept unaltered, prioritising great openings and an “earth” façade colour; a second skin, a new stately and playful shading characterises the whole restoration.

A perforated metal grid folds freely in front of the south façade and defines a triangular exclusive garden: an openly-declared reference to ancient Persian arches and sun shadings here adopted also as a functional response to the need for privacy.

The limited dimensions and extreme narrowness of the existing building suggested a full custom designed interior, where flexibility and multi-usage became key factors.

The interior design is composed of two monochromatic areas in open contrast. Warm OSB (Oriented Strand Board) defines the living room (19sqm) as a unique textured surface, with the joyous intrusion of recycled 1960s handles and printed marble gres used in the kitchen area.

A dramatic blue glossy resin covers all of the bathroom faces. The shower gains its character from the existing wall and takes advantage of the private garden outdoor space set in front of the French door.

Reminiscent of Persian indigo

Diagonal lines define the design of the kitchen top and suspended window frames assuring a dynamic corridor where the twin wooden alcoves facilitate a frontal conversation.

Low-cost materials, attention to thermal insulation, flexibility and privacy are the key elements of this project, where bold, contemporary architecture and Iranian culture blend creating a reassuring feeling of intimacy and warmth.

The project follows Francesca Perani’s attitude towards design, ironic and playful, de-dramatising architecture with a forced use of poor but strongly characterised materials, bold colours and a deliberate use of diagonal lines.

Author Francesca Perani
Year 2019
Location Albino in Valle Seriana, Bergamo, Italy
Client Private
Collaborators Ilenia Perlotti ( interior design)
Photography Francesca Perani

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