The Utopians Round Table
by PUNTO - Research | Visualization

The Utopian Round Table is a meeting place in front of Piccolomini Castle in Capestrano, Italy, where users can free their imagination and consider new ideas for the future.

What does the future hold for rural areas of the world? PUNTO created a symposium that allowed us to construct new approaches to agriculture, environment, migration and health. What if we were to use new technologies to become more human?

Everyone can stop by to participate. The project is a big surface that welcomes around 40 people. In the centre the reproduction of the Tritana Valley with the definitions of her villages.

The design is characterised by research directed towards creating an object that is foreign and extraterrestrial in essence. The Utopians Round Table in a way searches for the language of a spaceship, and on the other hand, that of a utopia.

The structure of each element composing the table does not resemble stability by themselves, but their composition creates a possible structure signifying stability by unity.

The table is interactive ; use of QR Codes and consultative sheets make it possible for one to navigate into various multimedia content composed of four macro-topics : Nature, Urbanism, Human Sciences and Technology.

The area, that preserves an immense heritage and traditions, is ideal for a study project that aims to imagine an alternative future that can provide a template for revitalisation projects in other areas of rural Italy.

Author PUNTO - Research | Visualization
Location Capestrano, Italy
Year 2019
Client Strano Film Festival
Surface 40 sqm
Collaborators Gianluca Fratantonio, Associazione MAKS,
LOBA Legno e Design, GE.VA Costruzioni, Piero Di Sabatini,
Mariasole Ciccone

Photography Courtesy of PUNTO

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