Shop and co-working space
by studio lauka

A former storage space for bar games, located in Ghent, was transformed by the owner’s daughter and granddaughter into a retail space, designed by studio lauka.

studio lauka is a design studio for architecture and objects. It was founded in 2017 by Mira De Winne and Aaron Michels.

Since the total surface was too big, the remaining space was divided into 3 units for co-working.

The plan is conceived in a way that the building can function as a whole or as separate units.

One of the former garage doors became the new main entrance, giving access to a large ‘antechamber’. Much like an agora or a forum, this space houses all the common functions.

The existing floor levels are preserved: a new slope is added to make sure all the functions are easily accessible for people with a disability or to reach the elevator to transport goods to the cellar.

There is a communal kitchen, a dining room and a shared sanitary facility.

It’s big enough to manoeuvre a forklift, to play ping-pong or organise a reception. The unprogrammed space is the backbone of the project.

Four red oak doors mark the addresses of the units: a retail space and 3 office spaces. Aligned doors and interior windows ensure transparency and involvement.

Since the opening of the shop was a success, the original space became to small. Now the shop is occupying 2 units. In a way the building grows together with its user” the architects recount.

The agora confirms its public character: surfaces are flinty and impact resistant.

A large opening visually and physically connects the communal kitchen with the agora. This way it can function both as a social connector and a bar to host receptions.

Exposed concrete ceilings and painted brick walls are balanced with light poplar plywood furniture and colours.

The wooden interior hides a storage space, a technical area and the elevator shaft. Each unit is equipped with a wooden closet in which the technical installations are placed.

With wooden end-grain floors the offices and shop gain intimacy without losing the roughness of the former storage space. The material choice generates a pleasant space with good acoustics while celebrating the building's history in a simple way.

Authors studio lauka (Mira De Winne & Aaron Michels)
Location Ghent, Belgium
Year 2016-2019
Surface 570 sqm
Photography Aaron Michels

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