Santiago 2
by GonzaloGA

After refurbishing his main restaurant, Santiago Domínguez entrusted Gonzaloga to refurbish another restaurant he owned in Marbella, Spain. The client asked them to reconfigure this former oyster bar into a more functional restaurant.

Including a larger kitchen in which to prepare more elaborate meals.

The openings in the façade were enlarged and the original wooden carpentries were replaced by much thinner metal profiles.

The façade has been completely modified, maintaining only part of the wood mouldings of the original piece, with the aim of introducing as much light as possible into the interior.

The luminous sign acquires a special dimension as it is the most characteristic element of the façade, inviting passers by to approach the restaurant.

The original luminous sign has been replaced by a much more attractive one. Thus, the restaurant becomes more present for pedestrians.

Lacking a front view towards the busiest area, a double orientation was sought after for the façade.

On the other hand, the vegetable mass in front of the restaurant protects it and gives more privacy when using the terrace.

It is achieved thanks to the luminous sign, which acts as a reclamation to both senses, on one hand the adjacent park and on the other the promenade.

Santiago wanted to conserve the marble floor and the wood carpentry work that the original restaurant had. This included all the panelling and mouldings of the walls, pillars, façade and bar.

All these elements were restored, painted or replaced following the original pattern.

The plastered ceilings were modified keeping the original forms and preserving the moldings, but adding acoustic panels and a ceiling of wooden slats.

That gives a new character to the interior of the restaurant.

Different woods acts as a recurring material throughout the interior of the restaurant. This treatment of materiality creates an interesting play of warm textures in the interior space.

From the floor to the ceiling, passing through the walls, pillars, lamps and even the furniture, which is the original repaired.

This gesture turns the dining room into a cosy contemporary space, in contrast to the metallic materials and polymers of the façade.

Author GonzaloGA (Gonzalo Gutiérrez Araújo) 
Location Marbella, Málaga, Spain
Year 2019
Collaborators Delfín Gutierrez Martín (Engeneering)
Client Santiago Domínguez
Cost 500€/sqm
Surface 100m2
Photography courtesy of Gonzalo Gutiérrez Araújo

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