by Chvoya

The project consists of a house for the family of two artists in Roschino, Russia.

Roshchino, known previously as Raivola, is an urban locality in Vyborgsky District of Leningrad Oblast, Russia, just sixty kilometres away from Saint-Petersburg.

The house is located on the edge of a settlement, just by a forest. The plot was slightly sloped and completely covered with conifer trees with two anthills on top.

In the wooded areas surrounding Roshchino, one can discover marshes and lakes.

The position of the long narrow volume of the house and its dimensions were predefined by the environment.

The architects wanted to preserve as much flora and fauna as possible.

The house was designed to be 30 by 5.5 metres in size, consisting of two wooden volumes, a studio and a residential part separated by a transit porch.

The volumes maintain their independence while the house keeps a visual unity.

The residential part consists of an entrance area, a kitchen-living-dining area, two bedrooms for children and guests, and a master bedroom.

Sleeping areas in small rooms are located on the mezzanine. Above the master bedroom, in an only protrusion, there is a space for meditation.

The sloping roofs allow the height sufficient to host warm spaces on the mezzanines.

The floor level rises from the workshop to the bedrooms, while the roof level is set constant. The roof slopes to the south, so as to provide northern exposure to mezzanines in the bedrooms and the studio.

Following the plot’s slope.

The exterior of the house is layered with carbonised wooden planks.

These materials reference traditional and vernacular wooden houses, contrasting the contemporary volumes and spaces of the house.

Authors Chvoya
Location Roschino, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Year 2018
Surface 159 sqm
Photography Dmitry Tsyrencshikov 

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