Room Without a Roof
by Fabio Don in collaboration with Katja Lässer

The request was to build an outdoor spa & pool area (natural swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna), as a functional extension of an existing house owned by the same client, in a small town in German-speaking Switzerland, not far from the German and Austrian border.

Among the specific requests of the client, there was that of generating different levels of privacy for the family and its guests, also according to the different moments of use of the space outside the house (purely private use or parties and receptions with guests outside the family).

The biggest obstacle was the urban fabric surrounding the plot of land, which constantly prevented the authors from achieving a good level of privacy as requested by the customer.

The architects’ will was immediately to go beyond that required by the client, trying to create not only the functions of the program required but also those of building a space outside the house, a sort of "room" outdoors. 

Exactly as in an interior project, their concept was to design a mobile curtain that could allow different levels of privacy as requested by the client.

The reinforced concrete platform is designed as an island in the garden and acts as a support for all the different functions provided by the project (natural swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna).

The load-bearing structure of the curtain also encloses and spatially defines the three main functions of the project and is designed in such a way that, once inside, it disappears completely, leaving only the curtain in view as an element of division and abstraction from the external urban context. A room without a roof.

Authors Fabio Don Architect (in collaboration with local Architect Katja Lässer)
Location Diepoldsau, Switzerland
Year 2010
Surface 150 sqm

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