Promised Land
nous (Telmo Escapil-Inchauspé & Guilhem Solère)

Promised Land is a compressed earth sculpture, designed by nous and erected at the Tuileries du Louvre, in Paris, during the summer of 2018.

This 1-ton-weighing totem, built in Versailles, moved and then raised like an obelisk was integrated into the surrounding geometry of Le Nôtre.

From the extraction to the moment when it was hoisted by hand, all the events of its construction were exposed as part of a global odyssey of which it was the symbol, from the object to the tools, like the form works: negative paintings of the shared process.

In its brutality, it presented itself as an ambiguous object which reconsidered the relationships to matter, construction, monument and landscape to make present a free nature, by a process of disintegration until the formation of a garden.

Building earth totems of almost a ton is offering a receptacle allowing the coming of a lost nature. By anchoring these monuments in the urban fabric, they give nature the support to reconquer or change the landscape.

Delivered into a colony of seeds brought by the wind and the animals, the totems disintegrate and erode through an uncontrolled process due to the development of plants, the climate, and so on. They crumble until forming a micro-landscape at their base.

By destroying itself, a new type of park is born between imposition and freedom. They show a new methodology linked to time. This process creates different public spaces, witnesses and victims of the growth of wilderness. They make its presence visible and anchor it in an urban everyday life: the resulting landscape is conducive to observation.

Authors nous - Telmo Escapil-Inchauspé & Guilhem Solère
Location Tuileries Garden, Louvre Museum, Paris, France. 
Year 2018
Photography PLM Pictures

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