by Neus Frontera

PLAZA is a temporary installation inspired by the spatial setting of the House of Commons in the British Parliament, built on the occasion of the VI Festival Arquia/Próxima 2018: Prácticas Relevantes.

Designed by Neus Frontera, the aim is to claim for the intellectual enrichment of humanity through the collective participation in discussions which concern the future.

It is a terracing structure where visitors sit and take active part of the performance. A city, similarly to a great theatre, where synergies arise spontaneously thanks to circulations and the overlay of uses.

The project stimulates common daily life scenes which encourages urban public space activities such as meetings and discussions. Reason why chairs are located on all levels in addition to many swings in order to promote interaction among the public and to encourage viewers to participate during the events.

The installation is set around a central agora where several events, presentations, speeches, round tables and awards ceremonies take place. The modules' dimensions are designed to allow an individual use while generating collective atmospheres to interact.

Detachable, modular,  reusable Layher structures are proposed with flexibility to be customized according to different needs and activities. It is about giving the main tools to generate functional structures, allowing the user to change it as needed.

It is a continuous tridimensional plot of several floors where individual and social functions happen. This configuration allows flexibility and transformation during the event, the reason why it is proposed to adapt the space three times by moving two low pieces located on the central core.

Author Francesca Neus Frontera Carbonell
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2018
Surface 407 sqm

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