Offices for a management consulting multinational company in Piazza del Duomo
by Diele Kerciku Architetture

A ‘private square’, almost an extension of the underlying Piazza del Duomo, a place designed both for casual working days and meetings with partners, clients and employees from all over the world.

This is how Diele Kerciku Architetture imagined the project for the offices of McKinsey & Company, one of the most important strategy and management consulting companies in the world.

Occupying four out of five floors in an historical building at the corner between Piazza del Duomo and via Agnello in Milan.

A fluid ensemble of functional and representative spaces almost blending one after the other, characterised by natural materials and delicate colours, designed vegetation and custom-made walls and decor.

Where technology offers all the possible comfort without becoming the main visual protagonist.

A big lounge area overlooking the Duomo welcomes visitors and guides them towards the bistrot area (the core of this project), the auditorium, the meeting rooms and the team-rooms.

Some of these areas have been enhanced by a green-buffer, the real invention of this project: a natural green belt between the working areas and the exterior perimeter wall of the building.

Finally, meeting rooms are among the most “domestic” areas of the project, a place where consultants and clients can easily feel at ease.

Thanks to a big natural wooden table placed at the heart of this space and to the comfortable armchair seats, covered in velvet blue fabric.

The moodboard is characterised by a careful selection of materials and colours. The selection of finishes partly summarises the need of recalling the brand blue but also to create a natural and bright space.

Light-coloured wood, pink, white, green, blue

Wood and white, the constant presence of the vegetation

Also, to recall the urban-historical context of the Duomo, the place where it is located: the grey-beige colour toning to a pink nuance can be found in the chippings installed in almost every space.

Typical of the Candoglia marble used for the covering of the Duomo,

Whereas the pink “explodes” within the bistrot grabbing the spotlight both on the floor and the ceiling.

Author Diele Kerciku Architetture
Location Milan
Year 2019
Client McKinsey & Company
Photography Andrea Martiradonna

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