Nau Ivanow
by vora + El Globus Vermell

The Nau Ivanow is an artistic center that focuses its activity mainly on scenic arts. It is an industrial building in the neighborhood of La Sagrera.

 An area near the train tracks, a former industrial area in Barcelona.

The building was built in 1967 as a paint factory. Since 1997 it has been operating as an artistic center and dynamizer of the neighborhood.

First with the initiative of Xavier Basiana and since 2010 within the Creation Factories program of the ICUB (Culture Institute of Barcelona).

Local office vora was commissioned to refurbish and adapt the building to present regulations and the compliance of fire regulations.

The necessary small transformations have been made so that at the same time the performance of the building is improved.

The constructive and spatial transformation is concentrated around the vertical communications core and in the technical spaces of the theater on the ground floor.

The accesses to the core of vertical communications, and therefore to the spaces of creation and rehearsal of the upper floors, have been sectioned.

The transformation provides the theatre with a new dressing room and a space of technical control. The staircase is wider and inverted and, on the upper floors, the toilet spaces and the pre-existing forklift are reorganised.

To allow for a better opening up to the entrance door.

The construction seeks to express itself on a material level, distinguishing itself from the existing plastered surfaces. This materiality, based on brick fabric, links to some external walls of the building.

vora brought some of that outward expression to the heart of the building.

The construction is very basic, bare. The services, not hidden. The carpentry, of direct placement, without joints.

The pre-existing walls that have been embraced by the transformation have also been stripped of coatings in order to express the memory of the original staircase and the doors that opened there.

Through traces and under a unifying layer of white paint.

Authors vora (Pere Buil, Toni Riba) + El Globus Vermell
(Mamen Artero, Laura Gómez, Joan Vitòria)
Location Barcelona, Spain
Year 2016-19
Client Fundació Sagrera
Contractor Husofi
Surface 1.360 sqm
Collaborators uma arquitectura (structure), arcbcn enginyers
consultors (services), gerard codina (budget and execution control),
Zoí Casimiro, Quim Olea (project team)
Photography Adrià Goula

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