by A6A

A modular home, the classic Bordeaux house redesigned by french office A6A. The client wish was to make the most of a long plot, creating a house to rent where each room would have its own bathroom and share common areas.

Led by Roberto de Uña, Michel Hardoin and Antoine Ragonneau, the office operates from Bordeaux, Royan, and Anglet

Formerly occupied by a dilapidated house.

The architects aligned the project to the street by creating a planted portico open to a patio. The first front is divided in two parts, with the pedestrian entrance on one side along with the parking, and on the other a green space with a tree and climbing vegetation.

The volume also aligns to the height of the current construction and the neighbors to maintain the street sequence.

Covered by a wooden terrace.

The entrance gantry is closed to the lower side by a steel grid. Above this portico placed is a large plantation that acts as a guardrail for the terrace upstairs.

The level of the garden is slightly lower than that of the street. The staircase becomes a centerpiece that emerges in half-steps. Towards the south, the living room opens onto the terrace upstairs by means of a sliding bay occupying the width of the house.

This feature allowed the project to be built from a section where each floor is positioned half above the other.

The privacy of the occupants is one of the characteristic features of this project. Each level contains a living cell with bedroom, bathroom and individual WC.

The operation of the house is modular, made up of independent units only connected to each other by the large common room.

Here, the large volume opening onto the terrace contains the shared kitchen and the living room.

Here, contemporary construction integrates into its environment. A careful work was conducted to give a particular texture where the human gesture gives its character to the material.

By its reminders of horizontal lines, its heights and its materiality.

Authors A6A
Location Talence, France
Surface 160 sqm
Year 2019
Photography A6A

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