by Julia García Lozano and Miguel Ruiz-Rivas

METAMORFO is a flexible meeting space with a children's games area and a board games shop where workshops and tournaments take place, designed by Julia García Lozano and Miguel Ruiz-Rivas Avendaño in Madrid.

The project managed to create a transparent public space towards the street, where community life unfolds, while focusing on three design strategies: open-plan organisation, maximum storage capacity and material contrast.

A new bright atmosphere of colour that captivates the visitor and invites everyone to explore its interior.

The space has direct access from the street via its north facade and has two narrow windows openings towards a south-facing inner courtyard.

The first design step was to avoid subdividing walls, in order to let natural light reach every corner. The new space mediates with a strong geometrical insertion, contains the private areas and allows an overall vision of the space from the entrance and the counter.

Once accessed, a high open-plan space unfolds, inviting people in a main space which is divided but not separated into three large ambiances.

The exhibition and children's games area at the entrance, a compressed space where the counter is located and, finally, the board game and tournaments area.

Private spaces can’t be seen, but can be imagined.

The project allows for maximum storage capacity by an equipped perimeter wall. In addition, the box of private uses is minimised complying with the regulations and providing the space with a bathroom and a storage room.

That keeps the main space clear and open.

The intervention explores material confrontation. It clarifies the space between served and servant uses, by the selection of simple materials to achieve maximum visual impact.

The palette organises the space through three singularities. All inserted in a pure and neutral space that signifies them, and identifies each of the uses.

Authors Julia García Lozano and Miguel Ruiz-Rivas Avendaño
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2020
Surface 98 sqm
Photography Javier de Paz García

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