Les Corts Studio
by Länk arquitectes

The space, located in Barcelona, prior to the renovation had good spatial and lighting conditions, but for Länk arquitectes the functional organisation and its materiality did not guarantee the comfort or warmth necessary for a work space.

Länk arquitectes is an architectural practice based in Barcelona, founded by Andrea Las Hayas and Iago Pineda in 2019.

The intervention is based on the economy of resources and is committed to both the recovery of hidden materials and textures and the recycling of existing elements.

Following these principles, the building’s original pavement was recovered.

Which is very resistant and has a warm and pleasant texture.

A concrete column is also discovered and it becomes a main element in the space which at the same time separates the different areas.

The existing furniture with cabinets and shelves for storage is in good condition so it is maintained with some occasional repairs.

Four new materials are introduced. First, a natural clay coating that covers the volume of the bathroom and built-in furniture with recycled plastic boards.

Offering a warm texture with good acoustic performance.

Also, the new pavement in the office area made of left-over earth from a work-site and the new curtain that crosses the whole space.

Compacted and polished.

Dividing it between the work area and the rest of the spaces.

The combination of the new materials provided and the old materials recovered generates a new dialogue and gives the space a new and more genuine feeling.

New contrasts are generated between stone materials, recycled plastic surfaces and the light curtain while enriching the perception and living experience of the space.

but visible

Authors Länk arquitectes
(Iago Pineda & Andrea Las Hayas)                                              
Location Barcelona, Spain
Years 2020-21
Client Self (architects’ studio)
Surface 76 sqm
Photography Joan Guillamat   

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