La Mesure et le Tas, fiction et réalité

Measuring and Piling, fiction and reality, is a video installation based on cross-disciplinary research combining interviews, recordings and photogrammetric scans.

In a neo-tribal stage lit by orange neon lights, three low seats are arranged around a double screen structure from which stories of the human obsession with measurement are told. The whole is an arrangement of synchronised media and original objects designed for the occasion.

It is in the combination of perceptions and measured values of the Real that reality emerges. The human obsession has been to model and measure the Real. This modeling, initially fictitious, gradually merges with the ambient reality to order it, to qualify it.

The pile remains what is underestimated. It is the shape of any object at the limit of our world, whether it is unexplored or rejected. The pile is in the in-between world, it does not count. It is an amorphous, ghostly object, which sometimes comes to haunt us. Neither dead nor alive, waiting.

The installation has been designed around the topics addressed in this research. The displayed film and the installation in which it is inserted complement each other. The film shows scanned fragments of real spaces and objects, represented as point clouds. They become piles of dots, transforming the captured reality into abstraction. Thus, the image takes on the aesthetics of the pile.

The exhibit is designed to look like a 3D rendering. The textures have been chosen for this purpose. The space is squared, ordered, and places us in an aesthetic of measurement. The color was chosen to produce a campfire impression, and the experience is designed for a collective immersion.

The project was drawn to be easily assembled, disassembled and reused. Some of the materials come from second-hand stocks, such as the floor made of rubber granular mats. The seats and the bases of the structure carrying the screens, made of fiber-cement plates, have been constructed to offer a great stability thanks to their weight.

Authors Maud Lévy & Antoine Vercoutère (MLAV.LAND)
Location Paris, France
Year 2019-20
Client Pavillon de l'Arsenal, as part of the Pli Public Workshop
Surface 25sqm
Photographs Luc Bertrand, Bonjour Garçon

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