La Lyre: Intergenerational Housing Complex
by a/LTA

a/LTA was commissioned to create an intergenerational housing block with 8 housing units intended for seniors, 1 unit as a student flat share, and the rest for families.

The project occupies the western, northern and eastern boundaries of the plot, allowing the southern fringe to have free spaces.

Including an outdoor space at the right of the conviviality room, a garden at the right of the first floor T5, a free space at the right of the southern exit of the housing hall.

The service spaces are located towards the south of the site through a garden at the heart of the block.

The views of which will benefit our housing units.

The 15 parking lots, planned as part of the project, find their place in the silo parking lot of program A, towards the north of program B.

The 2-wheelers will be sheltered by the porch, accessible from the ground floor, at the interface between the street and the heart of the block to the south of the building.

The design works on structural sobriety, rationality of use and durability.

The founding act is based on structural rationality with rigorous work on the grid to resolve a tense project economy.

The treatment of the first floor assumes the effect of a base with alternating sequences of full-height showcases, punched concrete panels and perforated aluminum panels.

In the superstructure, the dark mineral facades are composed of large vertical panels, intersected by passageways on the north facade, or terraces on the south facade.

The passageways, a real and appropriate crossing and meeting space, are made of clear glazing.

The spatial system allows 100% of the dwellings to traverse the building with a double orientation while the single-orientated housing towards the North is avoided.

Visible from the facade, to the right of the bedroom or kitchen windows, a/LTA installed devices to encourage greening in the continuity of the horizontals marked by the balcony lines.

Perforated railings in natural aluminum provide the necessary privacy for terraces and dwellings from the outside while allowing the view from the inside to the outside.

In addition to this rigorous, “woven” language, the architects evoked typologies of individual housing, a sort of house with single sloping roofs, clad with corrugated iron cladding.

Authors a/LTA Le Trionnaire – Le Chapelain
Location ZAC Normandie Saumurois, Programme B_Rennes
Year 2020
Urban planners Atelier du Canal + Y. Le Quintrec (landscape)
Consultants Ouest Structures + THALEM + aphipro
Surface 1955 sqm
Photography S. Chalmeau

a/LTA Le Cours des Arts 34 dwellings ZAC de la Pelousière West Side Ready-Made Home Theodora House Triplex Ampere First House

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