by cumuloLimbo studio

In the 30s people liked large heated lobbies where they could receive guests. Huge bathrooms and lounges were conceived as rooms to spend most of the time.

However, the bedrooms could be tiny and even without heaters.

That is why the famous hand brazier was used or, in the absence of this, hot water bottles.

The original distribution of this apartment, designed by cumuloLimbo studio, reflected this past architecture that is still present in many neighbourhood homes.

Represented by long corridors and high ceilings

Such as the bourgeois Salamanca district in Madrid, where the project is located.

#Huellas is a project that responds to new domestic contemporary needs that arise in the home. Thus, it is sought to obtain larger rooms where one can spend time and be able to do other activities beyond merely sleeping.

cumuloLimbo studio has recently developed other housing projects such as the #UPhouse

Instead of living room, a flexible and common room was designed.

Updating the ways of life on the domestic scale does not happen so much in this project by an architectural idea or gesture. On the contrary, it results from the accumulation of a series of spatial optimisation and reuse operations.

That could serve as a kitchen, dining room, lounge, dance hall, workshop or all at once, depending on the day.

As a premise, similar to the law of energy that states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, rather only transformed, cumuloLimbo avoided removing or creating from scratch, trying only to transform, keeping the traces of what previously was.

For the architect, this adds a series of necessary and coherent interventions, contained and optimal actions in terms of budget and impact.

Translations, perforations, fragmentation, projections or extensions.

Author Natalia Matesanz Ventura
Collaborator Paula López Barba
Location Madrid, Spain
Year 2019
Client Private
Surface 60 sqm
Photography Javier de Paz Garcia

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