House with a Chandelier
by Chvoya

House with a Chandelier was designed by the Russian practice Chvoya for the ‘Archstoyanie’ festival. The theme of the 2017 edition of the festival was on the eternal question of "how to live?".

House with a Chandelier is a residential unit for two people. The house is made of wood and has no windows.

The only opening is located on the ceiling. It connects the opaque volume of the house and the transparent volume of the skylight, where the chandelier is located.

During the day, the house is lit by natural light. In the dark, the chandelier illuminates the interior of the house, but also shines outwards.

A passerby can see that inside it is cozy, but the life of the inhabitants is completely hidden from the eyes of outsiders.

Author Chvoya
Location Nikola-Lenivets, Kalugskaya oblast, Russia
Year 2017
Surface 6 sqm
Manufacturers FLOS (chandelier)
Photography Alexey Naroditsky, Ekaterina Chernysheva

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