Home Made
by A6A

Home Made is a housing project, developed by the French office A6A.

The central block with lush greenery gives the house a tropical air in summer while the canvas of the grey concrete formwork on the brutalist facade on the garden side recalls a modern architectural style.

For the authors, inside the house, the materials, plants of various species, the shimmering colors of the fabrics warmly enhance a South American atmosphere.

Upon entering, the first floor gives access to the house and the independent studio. With its kitchen, bathroom and mezzanine bedroom-office, the reconfigured studio allows the creation of two additional bedrooms.

On the ground floor of the house, one can find the bathroom and the master bedroom, bathed in light.

Opened by a large bay window which overlooks the garden below.

Two white stairs provide access on the one hand to the first floor and to the garden level on the other. Upstairs, the attic guest bedroom with its bathroom.

Without railings or handrails, the shadow cast in the whiteness of the walls creates a suspended pattern.

Going down to the garden level, a second bay window opens widely to the outside. The central space consists of the living room, the dining room and an open kitchen.

Made up of two islands facing each other.

The owner of the house made the concrete worktops themself, adding white and gray stones to the still fresh material; a memorable experience that makes the process difficult to reproduce.

This unique furniture would almost give a contemporary work character to the downstairs room.

This originality that applies to the entire house: elegant, restful white, bright with multiple interior and exterior openings. A softness marked by strong lines, raw materials and the power of volumes.

Oak plywood furniture, bespoke and "homemade", structures the interior: doors, frames of kitchen furniture, bookcase, dresser, desk, bed frame, dressing room, shelves in bedrooms and even room dividers.

Author A6A
Location Bordeaux, France
Surface 110 sqm 
Year 2020
Photography Agnès Clotis

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