FGN House
by OASI Architects

The project for a new single-family house in Fagnano Olona starts from a careful analysis of the context in which the construction takes place as well as the response to the specific needs of the client.

Designed by Italian practice OASI Architects, the FGN House is composed of three simple volumes which, drifting from each other, compose a new morphology that generates external spaces.

Each of the volumes is covered by a concrete flat roof which unifies all the vertices of the buildable area.

According to Pietro and Francesco, OASI founders, the main challenge was to respect the low budget but not holding back the creativity and the smartness in looking for innovative solutions.

The structure is powered by the material and its shape creates an organised and coherent subdivision of the interiors.

Location Fagnano Olona, Italy
Year 2016-2018
Authors Pietro Ferrario, Francesco Enea Castellanza
Collaborators Jacopo Luini, Gianluca Pulacini
Surface plot 700 sqm, gfa 150 sqm

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