Chaptal Residence
by Atelier NEA

Chaptal Residence is located in a historical building in the 9th district of Paris, in the heart of Nouvelle Athènes neighborhood.

Nouvelle Athènes is a subdivision created by the General Receiver  for Finance Augustin Lapeyrière and the architect Auguste Constantin from 1819-1820 on the slopes of the Saint-Georges district in Paris.

Designed by Atelier NEA, the apartment was renovated and restored as a contemporary residence.

Atelier NEA (Nathalie Eldan Architecture) is a Paris based international studio for architecture, research and urban strategies.

The apartment owner is a young couple that recently moved to Paris from London.

They wanted to maintain its authentic features and fabric, as the wall and ceiling moldings, the main structural division and its generous height.

For the architects, the refurbishment is about the creation of a feeling of a home, of belonging within a quiet light-filled timeless space rather over design and trends.

Chaptal Residence was renovated in a way to meet the clients’ needs (an active young couple that loves to host and entertain guests).

In order to attain this goal, materials were curated with precision along with natural, raw and light materials and colors.

According to Atelier NEA, the apartment reflects perfectly their approach to interior design. The users and their 5 senses are the priority to any kind of chromic ephemeral extravaganza.

Details such as brushed brass electrical hardware and door handles enrich the tactile experience, affirming the conception of architecture as a whole and coherent project.

Atelier NEA also designed the bathroom stool, the entrance bench, the library and all the other built-in furniture.

Author Atelier NEA
Location Paris, France
Year 2019
Client Private
Surface 150 sqm
Photography Lorenzo Zandri

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