Casa Fevi
Salvatore Oddo

Casa FEVI is the result of a renovation and re-functionalisation of a portion of the historic beam in the Trapani countryside conducted by SOA - Salvatore Oddo Architect between 2019 and 2020.

Trapani is a province in the autonomous island region of Sicily, in Southern Italy.

SOA is an office based in Erice that operates in various scales: from interior architecture to landscape architecture, providing a traditional and existing balance.

Originally, the building did not present elements of architectural value and was distinguished from the rest by the lack of decoration and poor state of repair.

Which in the past was used for ancillary functions.

The design effort was to adapt the place to the contemporary needs of a young couple, establishing a new dialogue with the landscape.

The typological layout takes up the principles of courtyard buildings, such as beams and farms, thus grouping the volumes around a central open-air space that acts as a hinge to the various rooms.

The architectural concept is placed in the wake of the construction tradition of the residences connected to agriculture in western Sicily.

The three buildings are interconnected on the ground floor by a light addition in glass and iron.

The color and materials used create points of contact between old and new: the pitched wooden roofs have been covered by the ancient recovered tiles and the pink color of the walls restores the bucolic atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Here are many elements of local tradition that come into play.

A metal staircase hanging from the attics leads us to the upper floors.

Author Salvatore Oddo Architect
Location Trapani, Sicily, Italy
Year 2019 - 2020
Client Private
Collaborators Ing. Giuseppe Ruggirello
Constructor Mastrantonio srl
Photography Benedetto Tarantino

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