Big and Tiny Silverlake
by Zooco Estudio

A cool spot for both kids and adults to enjoy, a place where families can grow in every aspect of their lives. This is how the idea of Big and Tiny was born, the second space of the brand designed by Zooco Estudio and located in Silverlake (California).

The project covers a surface of 467 sqm with a max height of 6.50m and it is characterised by a visible roof structure of wooden trusses.

It covers the entire factory building and exempts the interior space from having structural elements.

Besides the trusses, the building has a few closed volumes in different heights that contain maintenance functions as well as the actual bathrooms, kitchen and meeting rooms.

The design has been conceived under two different rules. The first one was to generate two different spaces acoustically isolated one from each other. They did so through the use of a wall.

That contains the acoustic isolation and is covered by mirrors in order to generate more amplitude in both spaces.

The second one was to create, in both spaces, open squares. Zooco managed by compressing the private uses in volumes that are ordered around these squares.

Different bands materialise in different materials according to their use or function and even become lattices when we are interested in having a visual communication between spaces.

The following five materials are featured prominently: wood, mirror, cork, felt and cardboard.

The wood in structure and furniture generates quality and it relates to the originals volumes

That amplifies the children and adult spaces

Used as an exterior skin in cubes and baseboards. The cork is used in the counter and in the exhibition shelves as a way to organise and support the shelves.

At a functional level, the architects built two cubes inside the children area, two cubes inside the adult zone and one cube in between the two areas. Every cube is connected through high baseboards or curves made of wooden slats.

Used for the children parties

The structure is modulated by wooden panels of 60x120cm and by wooden studs. The studs are used as structure in the cavity walls and as independent slats in the connection curves. The module is visible in every wall of the project.

Author Zooco Estudio
Location Silverlake, Los Angeles, USA
Year 2019
Surface 467 sqm
Photography Pixellab and Jim Newberry

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