Biela, a project by Valladolid-based office MONTAJE, is an eco-designed hybrid prototype as a direct synthesis of a bicycle stand and an urban planter, adding to the various strategies of naturalisation and minimisation of the excesses of urbanisation in the contemporary city.

This small modular pavilion for bicycles, mountable and demountable was designed according to Circular Economy principles, reusing and assembling prefabricated systems for other uses, such as fences and elements to delimit perimeters, prioritising recycled and biodegradable plastic materials, as well as a wood-plastic hybrid.

It is an eco-design prototype that secures bicycle parking; it is made with recycled and recyclable materials and products; it minimises the visual-spatial impact in urban space; it can be assembled and disassembled, and it is a modular, adaptable and scalable system in diverse combinations.

Biela can coexist with existing cycling mobility systems; it emerges from the local collaboration network between the private sector, the public sector and the associationist fabric of the municipality of Valladolid; it has significant impacts on public space and integrates natural materials, plants and vegetation.

For MONTAJE, proposals like Biela can play an important role in the reconfiguration of urban space to come, creating alternatives for private motorised vehicles, which is still based today in the fossil fuel economy.

In cooperation with many other similar and complementary ones, it can promote new possibilities of mobility, and therefore new forms of life, in cities that prioritise “short distance” routes, pedestrian mobility, public and green transport and, articulating this emerging paradigm, putting the bicycle at the center.

Author MONTAJE (Andrés Carretero & Saúl Alonso)
Location Valladolid, Spain
Year 2020
Collaborators Manuel de la Cal (structure), Alberto Merino
(urban geography),
Absotec, Kirolab 3D, Sistemas BIORN S.L.,
AEICE Hábitat Eficiente, 
Cámara de Contratistas C&L.
Client Innovation Agency of the Municipality of Valladolid
Photography J.C. Quindós

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