Avizor Logistics

Towards the south of the M40 motorway in Madrid, a pharmaceutical company required the extension of its facilities to centralise its logistic activity.

In an industrial area that forms the background to the extension of Carabanchel neighborhood.

The original building was an amalgam of volumes making up the corner of an industrial park, where the combination of elements has configured the brand identity.

FRPO’s proposal synthesises this complex condition through a simple, abstract operation.

FRPO, founded by Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol, is an award-winning Madrid-based practice. You can read their profile here or view their project “Elcano” here.

An 80x40x14m box contains a processing plant and a warehouse.

Between the warehouse and the exterior, a service strip hosts the management areas, the technical rooms, and the loading docks.

Between the logistics box and the original plant, a slim element, 50x7.50x7.50 m, houses the new access for workers, the changing rooms, and the common areas.

In the background we can find the connection between both facilities.

The simplicity of the operation is finished off by the juxtaposition of common prefabricated elements.

They give the primary volume an additional language.

A band of lightly satin precast concrete includes all the entrances to the box, and a slightly glossy folded metal sheet facade allows the identification of volume from nearby highway.

4.40 m high

FRPO brings a new and contemporary language to an industrial building in the south of Madrid, creating a light and pure volume through prefab and industrialised elements.

Author FRPO Rodríguez & Oriol
Project leaders Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez
Collaborators María Diaz, Iñigo Palazon, Francisco Diaz
Consultants Antonio Lorenzo, Axiom Ingeniería, Antonio Simón
Location Leganés, España

Client Private
Surface 3.700 sqm
Year 2016-2020 
Photography Imagen Subliminal

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