Architect's house in Copenhagen
by Peter Kjaer

Built by architect Peter Kjaer himself, this house makes the most of a small plot of land only 15 minutes by bike from the centre of Copenhagen.

With the help of his parents, who are retired school teachers.

Bedrooms and bathrooms for the family of 5 are fitted into a long slim building wing, while the living room is spacious like a pavilion in the garden.

Folding doors open this space completely onto three of its sides, allowing the interior to blend with the garden. Clerestory windows catch the scandinavian daylight throughout the day.

Even in the Scandinavian winter the low daylight is reflected by the white ceilings and gives this home a unique warm feeling.

Everything in this house is just the right size. The bedrooms are small but all have high ceiling, making it possible to build impermanent structures inside the spaces.

They have operable skylights, that allow light and air in.

In order to solve the different demands of kids of different ages.

The polished and oiled concrete floor slab is a robust surface for a family lifestyle where inside and outside blends. The outdoor tiles are cast at the same time as the floor slab and laid at the same level with a gap for the grass to grow.

This connects the terrace, the garden and the living room.

All the proportions of this house are based on the size of two standard wooden boards. The horizontal interior cladding is a cheap tongue and groove board, normally used for roofing.

2 boards define all the vertical measurement of windows, doors and the exposed oak construction. The vertical exterior cladding is a sustainably pressure-impregnated pine board from the Norwegian company Kebony. 3 boards define the horizontal modules of the house.

For the architect, this meticulous way of working with proportions is sensed when you enter the house. Every detail contributes to the overall feeling of the house.

Two rooms and a bathroom

Part of the house is designed to be rented out in the future, when all the kids have moved out. This space will have a separate entrance and can be equipped with a small kitchen.

This can be the tiny home of a student or a couple in the future.

Author Peter Kjaer
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Year 2019
Client Anann O´Brien and Peter Kjaer
Photography courtesy of Peter Kjaer

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