abitare. PUGLIOLA
by OPPS architettura

OPPS architettura designed and conducted the refurbishment of a Tuscan house in Arezzo, Italy.

Based in Florence, OPPS is an architecture office led by Filippo Pecorai, Francesco Polci, Antonio Salvi and founded in 2015.

The intervention seeks spatial continuity through the constant mixture of furniture, textures, and details. The project focused on implementing the character of the surrounding countryside through contemporary features.

According to the authors, “to satisfy the needs of new owners, the entire interiors were built while restricting the demolitions”.

The atrium welcomes in a dim light space, soft in its forms and in material continuity with the outside. The red concrete flooring and the dry land colored lime on the walls transform during the day.

The perception of space changes from domestic warmth to a more rigid atmosphere.

The visual continuity between the hall and the main room is also confirmed by the stone bench, becoming an element of conviviality around the fireplace.

The staircase is the main feature of the single-space house.

An anodised aluminum cladding incorporates and reflects the chromatic panorama of the house and leads to the sleeping area.

Arezzo is a very important place in the history of Tuscany. The area boasts a wide range of interesting sites, including fortresses, monuments, churches, and museums. It is an area quieter than more famous spots such as Florence.

The central passage is a soft and rigorous space that leaves no room for doubt with the only diffused light from the cut in the arch.

The master bedroom is a piece of furniture designed around the existing windows that frame the landscape in a new frame also used as a resting space at the end of the day.

Authors OPPS architettura
Year 2018-19
Location Arezzo, Italy
Surface 140 smq
Client Private
Photography OPPS architettura, Giorgio Bagnarelli

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