abitare PESCIONI
by OPPS architettura

abitare PESCIONI is a project, designed by OPPS architettura, located within the historic city of Arezzo, Italy.

Arezzo is a city and commune in Italy, located in Tuscany.

The arrangement of the apartment on two levels tries to adapt to the existing, the result of continuous changes to the new housing needs.

The unique features of the current situation are the imperfections, the small and continuous changes of altitude.

This design process intended to adjust the current artefact, building a new one capable of maintaining the sign that preceded it.

The original system is handled as a template, matrix and measurement of the new layout.

The stair is one of the elements around which the project is centred, introducing materials and details that intend to configure a delicate but decisive presence.

It is realised by partly recovering the existing one, without modification of the floorplans.

The intervention occupies an existing gap in the form of a large system, normalising the flows of distribution in a single step.

This space, center compared to the plan, gives access to the two most intimate areas: bathrooms, bedrooms and wardrobe.

The rope flooring of the entrance is interrupted by the parquet laid with a different warping. A terrazzo element highlighting the ramp becomes a solution of continuity between one floor and another.

In order to reveal the difference in height.

The small and continuous changes of height represent both an obstacle to be curbed and an occasion to connote the dynamics of the house.

Authors OPPS architettura
Year 2018
Location Arezzo, Italia
Surface 120 smq
Client Private
Cost 65.000 €
Photography OPPS architettura, Giorgio Bagnarelli

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