by A6A

The Eau Medoc project consisted in the construction of an aquaculture shed in Saint-Vivien du Médoc, France, designed by architecture office A6A.

Saint-Vivien du Médoc is a commune in the Gironde department (Nouvelle-Aquitain), in southwestern France. It is located 75 km of Bordeaux.

For the authors, this project was an invitation to reflect on a progressive architecture, thought from the inside and where aesthetics was only a simple transcription of the uses contained.

At the heart of a protected natural site in the Médoc, the hangar rises after its destruction following a fire. Its size corresponds to that of the old building, the only condition for A6A to be able to start construction.

The exercise prompted them to take a close look at the vernacular buildings in the area.

The architects tried to be part of a continuity, while bringing singularities where they were not expected.

Two volumes stand out and follow each other. The first corresponds to the workshop, clad in wood and openwork on the large sliding sides on both sides. The sales area finds itself lulled in light by its roof window.

They allow the ventilation of this crossing space, like traditional tobacco dryers by visual openings that connect with the horizontality of the surrounding landscape.

The large picture window gives it a natural and welcoming complexion.

The same template, the same materials. A concrete base on a low height to support the wood cladding in natural Douglas which will get gray over time. The roof, in Roman tile and double slope remains discreet from the outside but offers a generous spatiality.

Details that speak of the rurality of the site and the reality of its climate.

Visual breakthroughs reflecting the horizontality of the surrounding landscape.”

Author A6A
Year 2020
Location Saint-Vivien du Médoc, France
Client Private
Surface 157 sqm
Photography A6A

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