YEAH! Call for projects - Results
11 practices will be invited to present their proposal at YEAH!
Esch-Alzette (LU)

The Call for Participants launched by YEAH!, a project curated by 2001 and Itinerant Office for Esch 2022 - European Capital of Culture, received a total of 91 submissions from +15 European countries, ranging from small refurbishments to extensive public buildings and open spaces. 

The selection process, carried out by Kontextur (Katharina Benjamin and Angelika Hinterbrandner), 2001, Itinerant Office, identified 11 projects falling under the two main thematic areas: Habitats and Hybrids. Selected participants will be invited to present their proposal at OTTO. The presentations will consist of two rounds of 8 minutes presentation, with the participation of 15 guests each. 


➜ 50 Sqm for 5 People (2020)
L’atelier, Nomadic Architecture Studio (FR)
➜ House of Chickens (2018)
SO? (TR)
➜ A House in a Garden (2018)
David Leech Architects (IR)

➜ JNS (2019)
saas (CH)

➜ Casa Witiza (2020)
Beatriz Alés Atelier (ES/DE)

➜ House in Richterswil (2021)
Stefan Wuesler Architektur (CH)

➜ Shoe Quarters (2022)
Civic Architects (NL)

➜ TARAS (2019)
Marcin Kwietowicz, TŁO Michał Sikorski architekt (PL)

➜ Casa di BelMondo (ongoing)
La Rivoluzione delle Seppie (IT)

➜ Studio Playtime (2019)
Enzo Valerio (NL/CH)

➜ Exportdrvo revitalization (2020)
Ida Križaj Leko (HR)

Selected authors have been notified via email, and will be published on YEAH!’s website and social media over the coming weeks. Due to the high volume of applications, personal feedback cannot be provided to each applicant individually. 

Please follow YEAH’s Instagram account and the website for more updates!



Casa Witiza by Beatriz Alés Atelier. Photography: Jose Hevia

05 TARAS fot Blazej Pindor

TARAS by Marcin Kwietowicz, TŁO Michał Sikorski architekt. Photography: Blazej Pindor

A House in a garden 81 Hollybrook Grove 001

A House in a Garden by David Leech Architects. Photography: Courtesy of David Leech Architects

Exportdrvo1 photo Matija Kralj

Exportdrvo revitalization by Ida Križaj Leko. Photography: Matija Kralj

CrossingsBelmonte2019 01 HannahGlaser HD

Casa di BelMondo by La Rivoluzione delle Seppie. Photography: Hannah Glaser