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Philippe Nathan, 2001


commonly used as marker for a geographical spot, a destination.
In math, it stands as the unknown value, variable and depending on other factors.
In 2016, the national committee for branding found nothing more exceptional than the X in LuXembourg (a particularity shared only with Mexico) to make it its logo for international communication purposes. The roman numeral system uses X to mark 10.

In an astonishingly absurd way, the above-mentioned faits-divers describe several conditions relevant to our office today, and for the past decade.

Amidst pandemic lockdown, various simultaneous competition deadlines and the usual trench wars of architectural projects, processes and procedures, we wanted to mark the moment. An erratic collection of hunches and projects, of anecdotes as much as positions and preoccupations instead of retrospective monography

So where do we go from here?

Bio Philippe Nathan (Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg 1982) is an architect by education. (ISACF LaCambre Brussels, 2009 - magna cum laude) After having collaborated with Brussels-based architecture office ‘51N4E’, he returned to Luxembourg in 2010 to found the office ‘2001’. Beside 2001’s practice in architecture, urbanism and territorial development, Philippe Nathan is intervening in the cultural and educational scene through spatial installations and critical investigations and has been invited as curator, contributor, essayist, and jury member. He taught at the University of Brussels in 2015, as an assistant at the ETH Zurich from 2016 to 2018, as a studio tutor at the University of Luxembourg in 2019, and will launch Studio 2001 at TU Kaiserslautern in April 2021.

Softcover, stapled, 80g recycled carbon neutral paper, edition of 250.

Publisher Self-published
Year 2020
Place Luxembourg