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Womanizing New York
Tatiana Poggi

Womanizing New York is a research that explores the political and urban condition of exclusions: of culture, identity, race, gender and sex; present in the text Delirious New York in order to make them visible and known to the public. A written thesis of 193 pages that explores the formative, but largely unrecognized, role played by women; cis, trans and racialized women, in the configuration of material and intellectual cultural productions of architectural devices in New York City from the colonial establishment in 1626 to the present day. This research has been developed within the framework of a final Master’s thesis project for the Master of Architectural Communication of the Technical University of Madrid ETSAM) between October 2019 and September 2020. “The fatal weakness of manifestos is their inherent lack of evidence. Manhattan’s problem is the opposite: it is a mountain range of evidence without manifesto.” R. Koolhaas What if this manifesto is also feminist? Delirious New York (Rem Koolhaas, 1978), is the hegemonic narration in the specific field of architectural knowledge about New York City, later widely replicated in contemporary architecture in academic and professional settings. Womanizing New York does not question the hegemony of the manifesto, this investigation pretends to be what it lacks. The missing pages, the not-entered fragments. WNY has the objective of making visible the exclusions present in the text by Rem Koolhaas, written in a historical moment of reinvention of architecture, in the 70s. Exclusions from culture that underlie diversities of sex, gender, identity, race or ethnicity. A feminist, anti-racist and anti-homophobic manifesto.

Bio Tatiana Poggi is an architect and researcher based in Murcia and Madrid. M.Arch with honors from the University of Alicante, Master in Architectural Communication with honors from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a current PHD candidate. Her work have been exhibited at MoMA New York, the Spanish pavilion of the Venice Biennale or COAM, among others. She has given lectures at Medialab Prado, Universidad de Santiago de Chile UNAB, Universidad de Alicante or La casa encendida and has published in specialized magazines such as Bartlebooth Mag, Aldiri, Momentum or I2, among others. As a teacher, she has been invited to the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, and teaching at IED Madrid European Design Institute and Design studio Zero at University of Alicante.

Softcover edition, dimensions 232 x 165 x 150 mm, 193 pages.

Author Tatiana Poggi
Location Madrid
Publisher Self-published