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Urban makers
Actions, practices and process for an urban remake
by Luca Vandini

The blossom of an hybrid range of actions, practices and processes set by a wide range of informal actors (local informal communities, collective ventures, private no-profit organizations) aimed to urban qualification through their direct intervention in (re)making urban spaces is posing the chance to critical question their significances and innovation values. This cloud of interventions shows its relevance in its current extensive spread within city space and in its ability to be present in current crisis led condition of urban paralisys. An attractiveness prevailing within many fields of scientific research (urban governance, active democracy, new forms of citizenship) where it mainly prevails an observation approach based on short-term effects or immediate outcomes. In spite of the provisional characterisation (temporary, light, insurgent) diffusely adopted, it seems essential to direct the observation towards the understanding of whether, where and how, these initiatives can produce deposits and approaches able to display its effectiveness (physical, social) in the long-term evolution of the city. Nowadays spontaneous actions seem instead approved without the indispensable investigation on which aspects and through which modalities the active intervention of people in (re)making urban space could become influent and deliver innovation in general current praxis of urban intervention. The outcome are the first prompts towards an urban and land transformation based on a Weak Development Approach.


Bio Luca Vandini (Architect): trained in Italy (Ferrara) and in The Netherlands (Delft), he holds a Phd in Urbanism by Politecnico di Milano. He is one of the founder of Kiez.agency through which he explores the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism activating process-based and socially sustainable transformations. He design and manage processes of urban space and territorial improvement investigating the public, private and common demands and promoting initiatives able to strength hidden resources, tie spatial and social relationships and make urban space in places of opportunities.

2016, Softcover, 150x210 mm, 282 pages

Title Urban makers. Actions, practices and process for an urban remake
Author Luca Vandini