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Sophie Lanigan & Anna Tonkin

Sent is a collection of 100 ideas about space. It explores the conversations surrounding space and the experiences that take place there. Sent wants to know more about the successes, failures, intrigues and oddities that occur in the relationship between people and space - physical or otherwise. Each idea is sent as a postcard to an online audience. The collection has reconsidered architectural representation and communication for a virtual environment, translating a decidedly analog medium - postcard - to connect with an international audience. Senders ask; what does it mean to design space; how does it function; what does it cost; where is it located; who occupies it and; when is it relevant?

We started collecting at the end of 2019 with the vision to bring more voices into the conversation about space and design. Sent advocates for greater inclusivity in architectural discourse by valuing lived experience, and encouraging people to engage with the place they live. Taking advantage of the open and expansive platforms of social media, Sent, encourages a wider public audience to engage with the ideas sent to them on postcards. We value text and image equally, so give each medium equal space. Contributors have been both local (Sydney, Australia) and international and come from a wide range of disciplines including; architects, writers, artists, lawyers, environmentalists, nurses and physicists. With a range of contributors, there has been multiple interpretations of space that have represented visually and textually.

Bio Sophie Lanigan (Founding Editor) is a writer and designer. She founded architectural writing project Sent in 2019 to bring more voices and experiences into the conversation about space. Currently she works as an Architecture Assistant at Cave Urban and is a Sessional Academic at UTS and the University of Sydney. She received a Masters of Arts with Distinction from the Architectural Association, London in 2018 and completed her Bachelor of Design at the University of Sydney in 2016. Later this year she will commence her PhD in Architecture at Cambridge.

Anna Tonkin (Editor) is a designer and educator. A research candidate of the Masters of Research program at UTS School of Architecture and a member of the collective Post-, she works between architecture, design, curation and publishing. She also teaches at UTS across the undergraduate and Masters architecture programs. Recent projects include working as curator From Here; For Now (2020) online talk series with Melbourne University School of Design, assistant curator Better Together: Stories of Contemporary Documents (2020) at MADA Melbourne and editor of the forthcoming catalogue with URO publications (March 2021), and editor Quality, Control (2019).

Digital Publication

Contributors Alice McCosker, Alicia Pozniak, Alisha Lee, Alyin Gürel, Amelyn Ng, Amy Seo , Andrew Copolov, Andrew Perich, Andrew Toland , Angela Pattison, Anna Ewald-Rice, Anna Tonkin, Anthony Hodgkinson, Baracco + Wright , Belinda Smole , Ben MacIntosh, Benjamin Jay Shand, Benton Ching, Blake Jurmann, Bridget Nathan, Brooke Lazarus , Callum Craigie, Calvin Po, Cave Urban , Chanelle Collier , Charlotte Malterre-Barthes , Chloe Henry-Jones, Christine Bjerke , Clement Luk Laurencio, Cream Projects, Dana Barale , Dani Meyerowitz , Daniel A. Barber, David Flook, Diana Reid, Ed Clarke, Eleanor Lyons , Eleanor Peres, Eliza Gosse, Ella Lord, Emily Malek, Emily Priest , Eric Ye , Estudio Jochamowitz Rivera , F.O.A.M, Formafantasma, Gabriella Boyd, Georgia Beaumont , Georgia Saxelby , Giselle Stanborough , Gracie Grew , Haley Violet Ball, Helen Lochhead, Hélène Frichot , Henry Richards , Honey Long , Ira Ferris , Jack Gillmer , Jackson Birrell, Jake Starr, James Dolton , Janelle Woo, Jeffrey Phillips , Jess Scully , Joe Wilson , John Wardle Architects , Kimberley Hui, Laura Jade , Lee Stickells , Leslie Marsh, Liam Young , Lucas Volfneuk, Marni Reti , Martha Swift , Mary-Grace Brunker , Mason Kimber , Matthew Aylmer , Max Volfneuk, Michael Mossman, Miriam Osburn, Dr. Miriam Rose , Ungunmerr Baumann AM , Molonglo, Nicholas Rapp , Olivier Bellflamme , Oskar Johanson, Outside Development , Penelope Cain, Peter Andrews OAM, Prue Stent , Rebecca Faulkner , Rhiannon Brownbill, Richard Leplastrier, Roger Zogolovitch, Rory Hyde, Safa el Samad, Sam Woods , Sharhar Cohen, Shu, Simon Robinson, Sophie Hutchinson, Sophie Lanigan, Sophie Swift, Sophie Willison, Tane Andrews , Taylor Mitchell, Tiffany Liew , Tom Davidson McLeod, Tosin Bamidele , Vera van Maaren, Victoria King , Vladimir Fanshil, Zoe Horn

Location Sydney, AU
Editors Sophie Lanigan and Anna Tonkin
Publisher Post-Post-