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Filoferro Architetti

Filoferro Architetti is an architecture office based in Florence. It was founded in 2018. Since 2018, the studio has been editing an independent magazine called SCARTO. SCARTO is a container of reflections, a paper space through which to feed a fertile debate between young professionals who everyday work with immense energy in the world of architecture.
The number 00 represents the Manifesto. To date, four numbers have been printed:
SCARTO 03 - AFFEZIONI ( the first call for paper)

Each publication of SCARTO magazine is based on a specific subject linked to our need of discussing urban dynamics, alterations of our landscapes and pulsations of the city form. The standard publication includes an editorial/cover in A3 format written by us that introduces the subject. Inside, it is possible to investigate different authors’s points of view. The main purpose is to create a space where related and complementary disciplines (the world of art, photography, etc.) establish a confrontation on the same shared topic. Articles written by authors vary from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8. The literary contribution of the authors is an A4 format sheet folded up to A5 format. On the front cover you can read the author's text and on the back cover, you could find an related image of the topic selected by the author himself. The magazine is printed using the RISOGRAPH method. This type of printing was chosen because we want to give to the product, considering the minimum print run for each issue and the total self-financing, a craftsmanship style. We imagine Scarto as a non-replicable and therefore, authentic instrument /object. Risograph printing, with its off-registers, generates paper copies that are unique and always different from each other. The print, which is always monochromatic can change color from time to time, the research of the paper is another important issue for us: in fact the paper can vary from number to number to enhance the chosen color. Each copy remains as a limited edition and has its own number written by hand (eg 1 of 250).

Bio Filoferro Architetti is an architecture office based in Florence. It was founded in 2017 by Davide Lucia, Luisa Palermo, Giacomo Razzolini. Filo (di) ferro is a principle inextricably linked to a craft process. It's a suspended time that recalls the importance of clarity in the design of space and its concept relationships. In 2018 Filoferro Architetti decided to create a theoretical tool: SCARTO. The paper editor is animated by the desire to show ourselves among those who work daily and with immense energy in the architecture world, creating a critical and strategic debate on the pulse of the contemporary.

Authors Filoferro Architetti
Publisher Concretipo
Year 2018 - ongoing
Place Florence