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Platform for Change

Platform for Change is an observatory on the world of art, architecture and design through the lenses of one of the most influential independent cultural centres of the contemporary art world and one of the most lively projects of the reassessment and rebirth of a dying city: the Farm Cultural Park in Sicily. A book that is also a map and a compass for orienting oneself in constructing the trajectories necessary for imagining and stimulating visions of all sizes, through the mirrored tale of Farm’s inspiring models of Farm and those of the processes that Farm has set in motion. Platform for Change is the across-the-boards narrative of a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of global and local urban regeneration, intelligent community building strategies, cities where citizens take charge of their public spaces. Cities where public and private investments are concentrated on developing places for culture, museums, galleries, libraries, theatres, cinemas and cultural activities: performance events, exhibits, presentations, talks, festivals. The book is an exploration inside the spaces for educating children and adolescents and also inside those destined for most adults, where new models are being experimented for receptive and recreational activities, where it’s becoming always more important to reconceptualize mediation spaces between different ethnic groups, cultures and traditions. Platform for Change is a book that can be read with different paces, speeds and modalities, where the most scientific essay content is intertwined with elementary diagrams and the most educational texts comment on images full of meaning.


Bio ANALOGIQUE_Architectural collective founded in Italy in 2015 operating within the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape, the curatorial and editorial practice. The collective is engaged in research and experimentation. It participates in competitions, exhibitions, lectures and workshops together with the professional practice of each of them. In 2016 it exhibits at the XV International Exhibition of Architecture. La Biennale di Venezia the project “Mar gh’era 2222”, it realized “RAFT” a new exhibition space for Farm Cultural Park in Favara and made “2030 + 2C” for Legambiente in Florence, a research on climate change. In 2017 it realizes the exhibition set-up “Intruso” for the exhibition “Invisible Architecture” at Rita Elvira Adamo at the Museo Carlo Bilotti in Rome. It exhibits “DoDi” at the Milano Salone del Mobile, “Holy Water” at the 57. International Exhibition of Art, La Biennale di Venezia and “Monumentale” in the center of Enna, for the project “Mutazioni”. Claudia Cosentino, Dario Felice, Antonio Carmelo Rizzo are co-autor of the book “Linea d’ombra, 1978/1984: Adolfo Natalini tra il Superstudio e l’architettura” edited by LetteraVentidue Edizioni, Siracusa, 2014.


Title Platform for Change. A FARM CULTURAL PARK Guide
Authors Texts by Alice Piciocchi / Alessandro Cacciato / Analogique / Andrea Bartoli / Elena Lombardo / Antonella Corpaci / Marcel Cordeiro / Giulia Cugnasca / Anna Spreafico / Salvatore Fallica / Rita Elvira Adamo / Redazione SUQ / Fondazione Brodbeck / Salvator-John A. Liotta / Maurizio Carta / Francesco Lipari / Scenario Pubblico / Marco Gallo / Florinda Saieva / Giuseppe Guerrera / Andrea Mineo / Marco Imperadori / Roberta Ingaramo / Liliana Adamo / Roberto Covolo / Alexiei Dingli / Jona Di Paola / Francesco Caldarola / Ermanno e Liliana Aparo / Juraij Horniak / Cristiano Lippa / Rosangela Leotta e Salvatore Maria Nasonte / Gianni Di Matteo / Rita Elvira Adamo / Peppe Sirchia / Luca Mori
Publisher LetteraVentidue Edizioni
ISBN 978-88-6242-366-3