Plan Libre
Multiple Authors

Construire des images (Building Images)
"The generation of architects born in the last quarter of the 20th century discovered, learned and practiced architecture in a world infused with images. The production and circulation of representations shaped a new design culture. This fluidity of the image, its ubiquity, introduced a picturesque and photogenic bias into the thinking and making of architecture.
The production of images resulted in an architecture that wishes to embed its own representations. Architecture produces images. A cultural industry, carried by magazines, platforms, events and exhibitions, has been built around the diffusion of visual content. It establishes a new circuit of recognition for architects and dilutes professional, popular and commercial cultures. Architecture exists through images and yearns to be photographed.
Picturesque, architecture is thought through images. Photogenic, it considers itself an emitter of images. P. B. Preciado, studying the reception of Mies van der Rohe's Villa Farnsworth, and particularly the rumors that accompanied its construction and Edith Farnsworth's lifestyle, introduces the term ""second architecture"". This second architecture refers to the articulation of representations surrounding a project, that are able to reconstruct the tangible reality of its inception.
Mediatic duplicate of the construction, second architecture is now part of the design culture and the practice of architecture. It establishes an ambiguous relationship with images, both resources for thinking and disseminating architectural cultures and emanations of the project detached from an observable reality, from a constructed architecture."

Bio With 10 thematic issues per year, Plan Libre is a French journal proposing an architectural point of view on matters of daily life. Composed of 4 types of contributions - Project, Investigation, Portfolio, Critique - Plan Libre invites artists, designers, photographers, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists and researchers, to picture contemporary questions related to architecture and the built environment. Along the issues and the themes, the contributions give a broad understanding of architecture at large with a diversity of points of views and languages. Plan Libre opens itself to practices on the fringe of architecture, beyond the strict culture of the architectural project: critical, curatorial, artistic, research-based or documentary practices. Within the publication, architecture appears as the common language, a gateway to see the world, to comprehend the multiplicity of our past, present and possible future environments. By relaying initiatives, conceptual positions and experimental projects, Plan Libre intends to highlight the emerging and independent architectural creation and focuses on rising and still unidentified practices. Half of the publication is dedicated to images every month, allowing to draw a portrait of the built environment based on observed or projected realities.

Newspaper, French, 1400 copies, 55gr, White paper (printed on rotative printers), 20 pages, 289 x 410 mm

Authors 2020-2021 Tiphaine Abenia, Accatone, Atlas of Places, Thomas Bellanger, Alain Bublex, Bétillon-Freyermuth, Paul Bouet, Central, Concorde, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, Mahé Cordier-Jouanne, Carlotta Daro, Dach&Zephir, Nicolas Dorval-Bory, DPA-X, Matthieu Duperrex, Pol Esteve Castello, Daniel Estevez, Exercice, Atelier Fanelsa, Fakt, Javier Fernandez Contreras, Gens, Ivan Munuera + Andres Jaque (Office for Political Innovation), Gilly Karjevsky, Léopold Lambert (the Funambulist), Cédric Libert, David Malaud, Randa Maroufi, MBL architectes, Muoto, Norell / Rodhe, Parasite 2.0, Philippe Rahm, Sepake Angiama, Socks Studio / Microcities, Eric Tabuchi, UHO, un1on, UR, Paul Steinbrück (Pool is Cool), Rosario Talevi…
Editors Sébastien Martinez Barat (MBL architectes)
Publisher Maison de l'Architecture Occitanie Pyrénées