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OFFICINA* is a Scientific Journal of Architecture, Technology and Environment born in 2014 in a digital format (ISSN 2384-9029) and registered at the court of Treviso under the number n. 245/2017 as a printed magazine in 2017 (ISSN 2532-1218). The aim of the OFFICINA* is to build a dialogue on issues related to architecture, design and technology, addressing them with a multidisciplinary approach. Each issue deals with a specific theme declined through the proposals of researchers, PhD candidates and students but also of architects and professionals in a mutual exchange of ideas and knowledge. Each issue of the Journal is conceived as a monographic issue, dedicated to a specific theme selected by the Editorial Committee in agreement with the Scientific one. Each theme is dealt with an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the disciplines with which architecture interacts, with particular attention to technology and sustainability. Each issue is divided into two sections. The first has an expressly scientific nature, while the second one is made up of in-depth sections of a diversified nature including photography, infographics and interviews. OFFICINA* adopts an editorial policy based on Open Access and each issue published to date is fully accessible on the website of the Journal: The digital version, which can be entirely browsed and consulted free of charge, is accompanied by the printed format. The Journal is published and distributed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution - Non-commercial - Share alike 4.0 International), in order to give maximum diffusion and possibility of sharing contents while protecting the author in terms of intellectual property.

16 digital + printed issues, Softcover, 21x27cm with 80-100 pages,

Authors Various
Location Venice, Italy