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Milano Event City
Lorenzo de Pascale & Loris Luigi Perillo

Milan has seen a progressive increase in cultural events so impressive that they now occupy almost 70% of the year. An eventification process has invested the Lombard capital to the point of being able to define a Milan Event City. How do these events affect the city? Do they transform it? Could they be, in addition to being social and economic engines of metropolises, a theoretical input to design public space? To understand the city as a representation of the relationship between architecture and event, the research consists of a theoretical part and a design part. The first part presents an analysis of contemporary events in metropolises from an economic and social point of view, affirming that the event is the only social rite uniquely recognized in contemporaneity. Are then taken into consideration its influences in designing public space and are analyzed some case studies of architectural installations for rituals and events, leading to the identification of design parameters represented by the concept of architectural device. The second part, on the other hand, consists in interpreting the city of Milan through eventification processes and subsequently providing a critical reading, through the representation of this imaginary city almost suspended over the real one. With these premises, we also illustrate a public space project, where the event becomes an opportunity to redevelop residual public spaces in the city. Finally, a theoretical but also design research, in the belief that architecture is a discipline that indissolubly unites the two areas.

Bio Lorenzo de Pascale graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2020. He has worked between Italy and Chile with various offices as casatibuonsante architects, ganko office for architecture, AmunáteguiValdés.
Loris L. Perillo graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2020, completing his MSc at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago de Chile. He has worked with architectural offices among Italy, Austria and Chile. Starting from 2021 he became tutor assistant at Politecnico di Milano in Design Studio Class led by P. P. Tamburelli. Since de Pascale and Perillo met in 2019, they started to collaborate in various architectural design projects and research.

Authors Lorenzo de Pascale & Loris Luigi Perillo
Location Milan, Italy