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Tools for the activation of local ecosystems oriented to practice
MARES MADRID (coordinated by VIC)

How to promote the development of an ecosystem of citizen initiatives for the eco-social transformation of our neighbourhoods and cities? During the years 2016-2019, 6 devices were implemented in Madrid aimed at promoting and promoting transformative citizen initiatives. This project was called MARESMADRID and enhance, in a collective way, the vision that other cities are possible. This publication collects the learnings and processes of 3 of these devices. CAPS: spaces for research, generation, acquisition and deepening of knowledge oriented towards the practice of the people and initiatives that are part of these communities. Codesign materialization: spatialisation of ideas, experiences & expertise. Shared skills laboratory: Achieve in a group way and with specific tools the identification of competences of the people involved in the promotion or pre-promotion of projects.


Bio VIC is a platform that collaborate in the transition of our cities towards a more resilient environment. VIC Works since 2008 at urban innovation field & city co-production. With a collaborative design approach, we develop projects that foster close communities and have a positive impact in our planet. We carry out urban and rural transformation from the CITIZEN INNOVATION.

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