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MAJA Autumn 2019
Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa, Kaja Pae

The autumn issue of Maja magazine explores the role of the author in architecture. The aim of this issue is to distance oneself from the pressures of the signature and the brand, from the object focused representation of architecture. Instead, we seek for quality in spaces, which in some aspect or another remain unauthored. This quality may implicitly lie in collective authorship, in search for alternative ways of practicing, in urban anonymity, in collaboration integral to planning public spaces, in the influence of what’s already in existence, in a layman’s shed, in forgotten spaces, in technical machines or in a place and moment that is recognisable solely to a certain group of people or to a single explorer. It is easy to subject architecture to the logic of trade and branding, where a unique masterpiece and its author become increasingly used as devices to shape the built environment. On this background, perhaps the most challenging task for architects today is to work with ordinary spaces where design does not dominate over the space itself, where existing conditions inform proposals, where communities take responsibility over the use, the creation and the maintenance of space. These are qualities and opportunities that allow architecture to take shape along the way. The results may well be unexpected to clients, users as well as authors.

Bio LLRRLLRR (Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa) is a studio for architecture, design and research. Our practice is focused on informality, landscapes and politics of space. Our projects span across the mediums of installations, buildings, exhibitions and text production. We embrace a broad spectrum of research and design methods that move between administration and atmosphere.

Softcover magazine, 112 pages, 215x225 mm. Estonian and English.

Authors Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa with collaborators: Mariann Drell, Diana Drobot, Päär Keedus, Merle Karro-Karlberg, Kristel Niisuke, Margus Tamm, Maarin Mürk, Kaia Tungal, Hans van der Heijden, Rebeka Põldsam
Publisher MTÜ Arhitektuurikirjastus
Year 2019
Location Tallinn, Estonia and London, UK