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Light Infrastructures
Kruti Shah and Sebastian Trujillo

Light Infrastructures is a project of speculative development. An initiative set forward by Chaal.Chaal.Agency, to experiment with infrastructural conditions in the Indian subcontinent -while foreseeing its applicability in other contexts of the global south- through a design-research agenda aimed at the support of community leadership. The main inquest of this project is to understand infrastructure, not as a one-time solution predetermined by the establishment’s agendas, but rather a techno-political mechanism manufactured by underserved communities that is capable of triggering positive transformations in the economic, environmental, and socio-cultural realms, through the agency of participatory design. This book, in that manner, attests to this through two main avenues. On the one side, through the articulation of a manifesto that has risen through the rigor of practice: a game plan, that has structured the larger -disciplinary and philosophical- inquests that Chaal.Chaal.Agency has managed to simultaneously materialize in diverse (architectural and urban) experimentations. A set of principles and values that consolidate a proposition to reinvent our future. Furthermore, the alternate dimension of this project translates to its pedagogic applications; the structuring of this agenda of change through the validation of academic investigation. In that way, from chapters 3 onwards, the book delves with the structure of a studio offered in the Faculty of Urban Design of CEPT University (Ahmedabad, India), as an attempt to not only introduce principles of infrastructural experimentation, but introduce community agencies to the classroom as active participants of knowledge production. The book finalizes with two of the experiments developed by students, as a manner to illustrate the potentials and prospects of the project.


Bio CCA is a design/research collaborative project founded by Kruti Shah and Sebastian Trujillo, which works between Ahmedabad (India) and Bogotá (Colombia). CCA specializes in experimental infrastructures, transformative design, and transdisciplinary pedagogy, locating their area of investigation in the intersection between politics and space. We have been involved in a series of exercises that range from the proposition of public-generative devices and light architectures, to a dynamic pedagogical practice intertwined with academic research. Working between India and Colombia has allowed us to enquire into issues and potentialities particular to the Global South, in the prospect of triggering larger transformations through evolving micro-operations, involving students, allied organizations, and proactive communities. A practice envisioned towards more self-sufficient, equitable, and cohesive cultural environments.

2020, Soft cover, 213mm x 312mm

Title Light Infrastructures
Authors Kruti Shah and Sebastian Trujillo