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Jona Caspar Bähr

A graphic exploration of the place I spend most of my time in. A desolate and monotonous building at first, but taking a closer look at all the corners and spaces you will find patterns and graphic forms all over. The images in the book depict these permanent graphic states. They are monochrome and puristic. Each approximates the individual shapes and states through great enlargement.

Bio Jona Caspar Bähr is a graphic designer based in Hamburg, Germany. I plan and develop visual communication concepts in various fields; from printed matter such as posters, books, magazines, catalogs or annual reports through web design to complex creative concepts. Intensive research and a close collaboration with cultural institutions, businesses and individuals is the basis for my design concepts. Together we create highly individual, costumer specific solutions, unique appearances and identities.

Digitally printed, 137 × 195 mm, 80 pages, black & white, Open spine binding

Author Jona Caspar Bähr
Location Hamburg, Germany
Publisher Self-published