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Homy, Coliving, Cohabiter (2018)
Bond Society (Christelle Gautreau and Stéphanie Morio)

Will coliving become the most disruptive innovation in contemporary housing, the most energizing experience that the real estate sector will see in the 21st century? Like coworking, which has revolutionized the tertiary industry across the globe in just a few years, is this new kind of cohabitation a harbinger of tomorrow’s urban habitats? Coliving emerged in the early 2000s in the United States alongside the spread of the digital revolution. Based on the principles of community, sharing, and mobility, it expresses sociological, urban, economic, and demographic shifts through a new form of habitat. Still largely unheard of even fifteen years ago, it has now become an increasingly successful and widespread model. In 2018, there were more than 640 such spaces across the world today, and their growth is exponential. Based on this new trend, and on personal experiences, the study Homy seeks to define more clearly this phenomenon in terms of its architectures, geographies, the construction of these communities, their services, and rents. Homy investigates and compares the concepts of usages and spaces, of urban development and services, typologies and lifestyles, sizes and durations, layouts and professional networks. Homy aims to explain and illustrate this model of habitat, which was invented far outside the traditional bounds of real estate. The challenge here has been to allow everyone, actors in city life, architects, urban planners, interior decorators, developers, as well as residents and users, to come to see and understand this phenomenon more clearly.


Bio Created by Christelle Gautreau and Stéphanie Morio, Bond Society is based in Paris and structured around 4 divisions representing their vision of architecture. Research, Conception, Construction and Design. They have won several national and international prices and competitions such as Reinventing Cities. Their works are based on two commitments: Uses transition and ecological transition. With the research Homy, they have continued their work about what the housing offer should/ could be nowadays regarding the specific needs of inhabitants. Pursuing this reflection, they will publish a new research about housing for young retired people: Coup de Vieux.

2018, English & French, 250x175mm, 184 pages

Title Homy, Coliving, Cohabiter
Authors Christelle Gautreau and Stéphanie Morio
Graphic Design Large, Emmanuel Besse
Publisher Éditions du Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Centre for information, documentation and exhibitions on urbanism and architecture of Paris and the greater metropolis of Paris.