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by abeirst (Jérémie Dussault-Lefebvre & Sébastien Roy)

The notion of durability requires a substantial reinterpretation, notably in the sphere of architecture and the built environment. Tokyo’s singular fast-paced progress consistently challenges Western urban design principles, control management and planning. A parallel is easily seen with the western world where “Preservation is Overtaking Us”. Fantasmapedia is a collection of case-studies that investigates recently demolished architectural landmarks of Tokyo. The taxonomy aims to better understand the forces which support the current climate of ‘disposable architecture’ in Post-Bubble Japan. To inventory is to give new meanings to the present state of the city. To give them a place to come together shifts and gives an unusual weight to the current practice. Fantasmapedia was once part of Tokyo megapolis. From their curation emerges another existence.


Bio Abeirst is an architectural practice from Montréal founded together by Sébastien Roy and Jérémie Dussault-Lefebvre. After years of common studies in Montreal and Vancouver, they naturally decided to officially establish themselves as collaborators. Upon graduation, they both moved to Europe in order to be exposed to ideas with other backgrounds. They have now been living in Belgium for more than a year. Sebastien works in Brussels for the office 51N4E, while Jérémie works in Ghent for the office Jo Taillieu Architecten. Together, they have imagined, drawn, built and published projects in Canada and abroad. Their work can be seen on sites (camp fircom cabin), as well as in publications (MONU, ROOM magazine, Fantasmapedia), exhibits (Tbilisi Biennale, New Generation Festival Rome 2022, Architecture Foundation London-Antepavillion Finalist) and online


Title Fantasmapedia
Authors abeirst (Jérémie Dussault-Lefebvre & Sébastien Roy)