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Does Effective Planning Really Exist?
Christiano Lepratti, Paola Alfaro D´Alençon

The book tries to argue a possible answer to the question through the investigation of different phenomena of architectural and urban transformation and their social impact. Phenomena that are permanent and stable, a-geographic and cross-cultural and predestined for an eternal present, as shown by the question of housing and the centrality of collective space. To complete and illustrate the theoretical digression, the book includes twelve illustrations of case studies from the contemporary era. The publication includes among its main themes considerations on the figure of the designer and the social perception of his role in relation to the transformations underway. Furthermore, the book aims to show alternative roles assumed by designers belonging to the Modern Movement but linked to the part of it which represented the most relevant social instances doing architecture in the 20th century. This book is the system of an international research begun in 2015 on the themes of architectural design and urban planning on a global scale conducted at the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic School of Genoa in collaboration with UN_habitat and presented at the Venice Biennale of 2016. The most recent results of the research will be collected in a second volume in the drafting phase, narrating the revolution that changed the way of building and living from the Le Corbusier Maison Dom-Ino to the shelters of spontaneous settlements through projects - intended as applied research - in different contexts such as Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Genoa and Seoul.


Bio Christiano Lepratti is tenured professor for Architecture and Urban Design and departmental delegate for international relations at the Department for Architectural Design of the Genoa University. Paola Alfaro d’Alençon is an architect (Architektenkammer, Berlin) and holds a doctoral degree in urban studies. She is a funding member of the Urban Research and Design Laboratory (U-Lab) at the TU Berlin. Davide Servente is adjunct professor and postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Architecture and Design, Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa. GIANO is a collective formed by Alessandro Borea, Alessandro Chilosi, Samuel Contestabile, Giovanni Ratto, and Filippo Vajra. They are graduated in architecture at the Genoa University.

2018, Softcover, 280x210 mm, 172 pages

Author Christiano Lepratti, Paola Alfaro D´Alençon
Editors Davide Servente, Giano
Publisher Syntagma