MICROSCAPE architecture urban design

The editorial project <CITYWORDS > began in 2018 with the publication of the number '0'. It tackles the complex theme of the city, with Lynchian-style phenomenology as its starting point and using a Deleuzian rhizomatic approach to bring it up to date through a complex textual collage, thus defining a list of 19 headwords. A play on 'words', a 'book of books', CITYWORDS tells like a labyrinthine Borgesian tale.
In 2021, the second edition <CITYWORDS 01> has been expanded with a new section that opens up exploration of the headwords, in a dialogue open to artists and photographers who independently correlate the 19 'headwords' with 19 'images', selected from its archives, making the visual subtext of the textual arguments more apparent. So that: <CITYWORDS 02 - In the Jungle>, a dialogue with the animal soul of installations by the well-known sculptor Davide Rivalta in various areas of the city; <CITYWORDS 03 - The Absent City >, which investigates the relationship between archaeology and the city through the ethereal shots of Claudio Sabatino; and finally, <CITYWORDS 04 - Barcelona>, keenly investigation of the city with unprecedented glimpses from the sharp eye of Filippo Poli. CITYWORDS editorial project in between the seriality of a magazine and the uniqueness of a book in a transversal affinity with the mythical OPPOSITIONS.

Bio MICROSCAPE, Italian practice founded in Lucca (IT) by two brothers: Patrizia Pisaniello & Saverio Pisaniello. Architectural research and professional practice develops on more levels of scale, in the investigation of relationship between nature and construction. Patrizia won the International Best Diploma Projects Show Competition 2005. Saverio is PhD and adjunct professor at UniFe. MICROSCAPE exhibited his work at Italian Pavilion Expo Shanghai and at 16. Biennale Architettura di Venezia, Padiglione Italia: Arcipelago Italia. Since 2012, their graphic research is part of NAM at Accademia Nazionale di San Luca. They’ve won: BigSEE Interior Design Awards 2021, P.A.T. Awards 2019, CiTy_Brand&Tourism Landscape Award 2018 and 2010 Europe 40 Under 40 Awards.

English & Italian, 102 pages, 21x26 cm, soft flexible, high-gloss laminated cover, Sep 2018

Authors MICROSCAPE architecture urban design AA (Patrizia Pisaniello & Saverio Pisaniello)
Location Lucca, Italy
Editor & Publisher BLURB
ISBN 9780464872429