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Beyond the Echo Chamber
Multiple Authors

With a growing population and globally emerging ecological and social challenges, the way we design our buildings and cities might be more important than ever. These challenges made us question our role as designers of the built environment. To be able to (re)define this role, breaking out of one’s status quo can be helpful. This is exactly what INDESEM represents. INDESEM looks beyond the average curriculum, making students leave the safe place and known routines of their home and faculty and submerging them in a free and completely different environment. This publication is the bundled work of INDESEM 2019 - Beyond the Echo Chamber, a seminar in which 63 students from 21 different countries have discussed the position of the architect and especially their own. Inspired by lectures of architects, designers, sociologists, and urban planners with varying backgrounds and approaches, their goal was to compose their own manifesto of what architecture should be or evoke. 


Bio INDESEM, International Design Seminar, is a biennial, founded by an independent group of students in 1962 and re-initiated in 1986 by Herman Hertzberger. The biennial is hosted at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of Delft University of Technology and provides an environment in which students, tutors, architects and theorists engage in conversation and discussion about the current and future position of the architect. The programme of INDESEM consists of lectures, excursions, debates, workshops and an assignment all organized around a specific contemporary theme. Every edition aims to raise awareness about this theme and its consequences for the architectural practice. This edition, Beyond the Echo Chamber, was organised by the board of INDESEM 2019: Bart Vos, Alex Da Costa Gomez, Milou Klein, Koen Meijman, Maurane Gabriël, David van der Blonk, Guusje Enneking en Renske de Meijer.

2019, softcover, 160mmx235mm, 398 pages.

Title INDESEM (international design seminar)
Authors Guusje Enneking, Renske de Meijer, Bart Vos, Alex da Costa Gomez, Milou Klein, Koen Meijman, Maurane Gabriël, David van der Blonk, Winy Maas, Momoyo Kaijima, Laurens Jan ten Kate, Stefan Metaal, Studio Ossidiana, Alun Jones, Kees Kaan, Reinier de Graaf, Donna van Millingen Bielke, ZUS, RAAAF, Ma Yansong, Francie Houben, Eko Prawoto, Federica Sofia Zambeletti, fala atelier, Dick van Gameren, Nelson Mota, Thijs Asselbergs, Salomon Fausto, Mark Pimlott, Machiel van Dorst.
Publisher Self published, TU Delft faculty of the build enviroment