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Architectural Design Theory
Multiple authors. Guest Curators: Dana Cuff, Jeremy Till, Andrès Jaque, Albena Yaneva among others

Unlike the many magazines that revolve around the architectural world, Ardeth concerns neither with outcomes (architecture) nor with the authors (architects). Ardeth concerns instead with their operational work, i.e. projects. The shift from subjects (their good intentions, as taught in Universities and reclaimed in the profession) to objects (the products of design, at work within the social system that contains them) engenders an analytical and falsifiable elaboration of the complex mechanisms that an open practice such as design involves. Through a process of disciplinary redefinition, Ardeth explores the falsifiability of design hypotheses as the object that allows the project to scientifically confront errors and approximations. In this context, by focusing on the effects and the process of the project, people are considered for their action rather than their intentions. Ardeth #1 is about Architectural Design Theory | Ardeth #2 is about Bottega Ardeth #3 is about Money | Ardeth #4 is about Rights | Ardeth #5 is about Innovation | Ardeth #6 (forthcoming) is about Contingency


Bio Ardeth #1, Architectural Design Theory, curated by executive director Carlo Magnani, is published in Fall 2017. The journal is funded by Dipartimento di Architettura e Design, Politecnico di Torino; Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani, Politecnico di Milano; Dipartimento di Culture del Progetto, Università IUAV di Venezia; and Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto, Università di Roma La Sapienza. The editorial board is made of Francesca Frassoldati (editor in chief), Alessandro Armando, Daniele Campobenedetto, Valeria Federighi, Caterina Barioglio, Federico Cesareo, Cassandra Cozza, Caterina Padoa Schioppa, Will Davis and Aurora Riviezzo (editorial secretary). The graphic design is curated by Dalila Tondo.

2017-, Online and printed, Softcover, black and white, 250 pages, 170x240 mm

Title ARDETH - Architectural Design Theory
Authors Many - including, as Guest Curators, Dana Cuff, Jeremy Till, Andrès Jaque, Albena Yaneva
Editors Francesca Frassoldati, Alessandro Armando, Daniele Campobenedetto, Caterina Barioglio, Valeria Federighi, Cassandra Cozza, Federico Cesareo
Publisher Rosenberg & Sellier